Monday, February 27, 2006

Microsoft first then apple

Apple to release papers on a similar product tomorrow (28.02.06)... Takes a bit of time to download but be patient….

Friday, February 24, 2006


It’s official! According to the University of Amsterdam we make the best decisions when we are a sleep! So much for Nick’s advise on avoiding procrastination.

According to the BBC:

The study found that people can think unconsciously and that for complex decisions unconscious thought is actually superior.
The team argued the problem with conscious thought is that the brain can only focus on a few things at the same time, which can lead to some aspects being given undue importance.

The first step should be to get all the information necessary for the decision.
"Once you have the information, you have to decide, and this is best done with conscious thought for simple decisions, but left to unconscious thought - to 'sleep on it' - when the decision is complex."

The full article is available at this link:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snow Season

Hey people, after long project you must be feeling like get out of London and do something different. Have you watched any of olympic? I wish if I had a TV home. By the way is anyone interested to going down to Switzerland for Snow boarding or Sking even for slipping with your bum? I'm planning to going down right after this term. It would be 26th or 27th of March leaving London, for 3 or 4 nights. Take a look this website. It's a hostel right next to the ski place. They have very good offer as all day skipass + Brekfast is included. They also have some special offer as you could see on their website. Let me know if anyone interested.

How to survive your presentation...

Alright dudes,

Had my presentation on tuesday, AM... I ballsed it up a bit, so I thought Id post some quasi useful nonsense on here about it for you all to browse.

Firstly, get there damn early. Its insane how much those stairs take it out of you when your heart is already beating ten times faster than normal. To prevent sweating, start your ascent at least 15 minutes before you are expected at the top. Take frequent breaks on the way up if you like.

Secondly, definately make sure you dont need the loo before going into the room, its hard to concentrate on explaining the visual language of a certain sized radius to Mr. Bolton when all you can think about is waterfalls, floods and running taps.

Thirdly, dont try and be funny. It seems product design isnt a laughing matter, and sitting through 100 presentations of quivering, over tired rookies is, evidently, even less funny.

Fourth, remember to show them everything you decided you would. This involves keeping a very cool brain and isnt too easy. But you look like a bit of a muppet lugging a gargantuan pile of sketchmodels, drawings and 30+ bits of foam board over to the desk, only to neglect it the entire time... you will also kick yourself when you leave the room.

Finally and fithly, remember that beyond this degree possible employees are, apparently, more interested in what you can do, not a little number on your CV. So just take it in your stride and be happy that your 15 minute presentation might seem like a lifetime, but their 50 hours of listening must seem like an eternity.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"The Road Ahead...exhbition"
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to normal rithm of life. as you all have spare time there is an exhibition about concept cars at old truman brewery from 11-19th February. so if you are into your elipse drawing and big spoilers....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

So stressed?.... to busy to make breakfast right?

I am sure you are in all in the position that you too cannot make a champagne smoked salmon, egg and summer fruits breakfast...


Thought that it would be a good personal touch to see the state of everyone’s studios now, so close to the end … so here is mine…. Let’s see them….

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ARGH! Dear Lord its nearly over.

Alright dudes, its nearly over! only a little bit longer and its in and out of the way...! Whoop whoop!

Im sure everyone has their own way of avoiding doing any work, but i thought id share mine... its called deathball and its the most addictive challenge ever. it beats the hell out of suduko and all that jazz. get addicted like me, we can all go down together.

I am your biggest challenge.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Van hire.....

I might need to hire a van to bring my work in to collage on Monday. If any one else needs a van and lives some where in the vicinity of hackney (within 2miles) and would like to share the cost( £39/day £150 deposit) , please email me ( ) and we can discuss arrangements. Cheers