Friday, January 20, 2006

welcome to CSMPD06

The idea of this space online is for people to keep in contact with what PD06 graduates are doing after we leave CSM, yep soon we will all be pushed out into the world to show the industry are colourful little crayon drawings looking for work. You can put anything up from your latest nail polish colour to a bolt that you thought others would like on a crane. There is no panel to sensor it. You just have to click on the link that was sent to you by email and then you become a member for this blog. All I ask is that you put you username/displayname as your full name so others will know who you are. Fill in your personal profile with as much detail as you want. Show us your latest development in your project, or your room that you just rearranged.


Blogger jeanne_d-art said...

cool idea luke!maybe tell the people about it on the monday morning meeting and put up the link to the blog so they know :)
have a nice weekend dude!

3:55 PM, January 21, 2006  

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