Monday, January 23, 2006

The Future...


This Blog things GENIUS!

I’ve read a really cool book recently but haven’t been able bring it into any conversations (without freaking people out) and if I keep it in any longer I’ll ExPLOde! Here goes:

Title: The Age of Spiritual Machines: How We Will Live, Work, and Think in the New Age of Intelligent Machines.
Author: Ray Kurzweil

About: Kurzweil’s a Futurologist and A.I. developer type bloke (excuse my english, I’m not so good with the putting together words thing) any hoo he predicts by:

2009: there will be a demand for personality designers to design cpu interfaces.

2019: a $1000 computer will be equivalent to a human brain and contact lense screens will replace monitors.

2029: $1000 cpu will be as powerful as 1000 human brains, the majority of communication will be between humans and machines (not human to human… like that’s anything new) and many leading artists will be machines.

2050 nanobots will have the capacity to help maintain our bodies by being injected into our blood stream, we can also decide to have nanobots plugged into our brains to enhance our processing power and memory, this will also enable us to connect to the internet just by thinking.

2080: we will be able to download our self’s into cpu’s neuron by neuron, by 2099 this will become the norm and most people will be software based and there will no longer be a distinction between human and machine.

Obviously don’t take these predictions too seriously. Though most people I’ve spoken to hate the thought of a future where we’d be able to download ourselves into cpu’s I love the idea, despite the obvious risks (in any society there will always be risks/crimes according to Emile Durkheim) potentially we’ll be able to anything.
This also means that the Matrix narrative mite be true, this mite be the year 2099 (but despite concentrating really hard I haven’t been able to fly yet, which leads me to suspect that this may well be the original reality... I guess you can now see why I tend not to talk about this)


Blogger Dominic said...

Fantastic! :) (and a bit scary!!)

9:25 PM, January 23, 2006  
Blogger -(0_0)- said...

It's 'predicted' in 2001: The Sapce Odessey, too.

If it's true, we can really surf on the Internet!!

11:46 PM, January 23, 2006  
Blogger alice said...

i read this book too.
it's fascinating!

8:44 AM, January 24, 2006  

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