Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just Sit on it!

I trust the quiet blog is testiment to everybodies intense and astute working mentality... Anyway, so I was surfing the information highway, or as I prefer "Infoweb" and I came across this beauty. Its a chair AND and kitchenette in one... seriously! What will those whacky designers come up with next?!?! (If the .gif doesnt work and all you can see is a chair, you can see it live in action and more information at my favorate materials site in the world) .

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Gods on Mt. Adobe


Found this on the Adobe site, I just wrote a massive bit about how great it is, and how you should all go look at it. I lost it because the background of our blog is black and i wrote in black. Im not going to lie, I'm not happy about it. So you'll just have to click on the link and figure it out for yourselves this time. Tough. (Click on the render of a terbine at the bottom of the page.)


Friday, January 27, 2006

Yes or No....

read the 'Please read' and leave your comments


Hello everyone, as you all know, we are quite stressed at the moment and this blogspot is a great way of sharing each others pains, tribulation and lack of final models... So thats why I have decided to distract everyone. Who knows what the word; "gynotikolobomassophile" means? Correct answers wins a prize at my discretion.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Design Philosophy Papers

To those interested in the contextual side of design see this site:

The Face of Mars has moved... to Earth!

On the issue of space according to Nasa the mysterious Face of Mars has been sighted on Earth! Its believed that it migrated as it was getting lonely and as can be seen in the picture provided by Nasa the face seems much happier now. (Just kiddin, i got bored lathing...sorry)

Smallest Earth-like planet found

The new planet has 5.5 times the Earth's mass and can be found about 25,000 light-years away in the Milky Way, orbiting a red dwarf star. The discovery, reported in the journal Nature, was made using a method called microlensing, which can detect far-off planets with an Earth-like mass. Microlensing occurs when a massive object in space, like a star, crosses in front of another more distant star. As it passes, the gravity from the foreground object bends the light coming from the background star, temporarily making it look brighter. This usually lasts for about a month. The planet, which goes by the name OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, takes about 10 years to orbit its parent star, a red dwarf which is similar to the Sun but cooler (- 220 °C) and smaller.
Not only are we shifting campus to Kings cross (marmalade magazine dec2004: 15)... were off to another world...


does anyone know where to get transfers made?

Here's the price list from 4D model shop
does anyone know anywhere cheaper??

4D model shop:
Artwork preparation
emailed artwork £12.00
4D computer generated artwork per hour £36.00
A4 film £12.00
A3 film £20.00
Dry transfers
single colour A4 £21.00
each additional A4 colour add £31.50
for A4 foil (silver, pale gold, gold, rich gold) £37.00
single colour A3 £32.00
each additional A3 colour add £47.00
Photo realistic films
A4 photo realistic films £134.00
A3 photo realistic films £176.00
A4 photo realistic transfers £147.00
A3 photo realistic transfers £220.00
set up charge for single colour A4 sheet £280.00
set up charge for each additional A4 colour £140.00
cost per sheet of A4 single colour waterslides £6.00
cost for each additional A4 registered colour £2.00
Direct image transfer
A4 direct image transfer £37.00
A3 direct image transfer £52.00

Jaocb [SIP] rolling model 001

Image hosting by Photobucket
dominic, you are right! It's a clock which rolling on table/floor.
It's the photo of my 'blue-tack-model' to try out the rolling movement. It do roll, but not so smooth. So, the ball run around unstable. Model no.2 is going to be done. It look much closer to the CAD rendering I posted, but more bulky.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This is a silicon-based solid with a porous, sponge-like structure in which 99.8 percent of the volume is empty space. By comparison, aerogel is 1,000 times less dense than glass, which is another silicon-based solid.
Another photo illustrating the excellent insulating properties of aerogel. The matches on top of the aerogel are protected from the flame underneath.

A 2.5 kg brick is supported on top of a piece of aerogel weighing only 2 grams.

something rich and something strange...

This beautiful car is only adding an element of randomness, but I’ll have one of those when I’m rich and famous...

Other interesting things:

Lots of lovely lectures on science and design at the Dana centre, Some months are good some are bad but worth keeping an eye on,

Rollable screens,

Dominic’s recommendation for flexible batteries,

After that overwhelming burst of literary eloquence (...?), can anyone tell me about a non-Mac version of airport?
this guys do some tutorials for rendering in photoshop, it might be useful to have the link as a resource...:

Monday, January 23, 2006

Jaocb [SIP] CAD render

Just start making CAD model to experiemnet with Rhino. That's recently I got.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I know that's not very good, but that's overall how it look. What do you think about it? ( or just guess what it is)

The Future...


This Blog things GENIUS!

I’ve read a really cool book recently but haven’t been able bring it into any conversations (without freaking people out) and if I keep it in any longer I’ll ExPLOde! Here goes:

Title: The Age of Spiritual Machines: How We Will Live, Work, and Think in the New Age of Intelligent Machines.
Author: Ray Kurzweil

About: Kurzweil’s a Futurologist and A.I. developer type bloke (excuse my english, I’m not so good with the putting together words thing) any hoo he predicts by:

2009: there will be a demand for personality designers to design cpu interfaces.

2019: a $1000 computer will be equivalent to a human brain and contact lense screens will replace monitors.

2029: $1000 cpu will be as powerful as 1000 human brains, the majority of communication will be between humans and machines (not human to human… like that’s anything new) and many leading artists will be machines.

2050 nanobots will have the capacity to help maintain our bodies by being injected into our blood stream, we can also decide to have nanobots plugged into our brains to enhance our processing power and memory, this will also enable us to connect to the internet just by thinking.

2080: we will be able to download our self’s into cpu’s neuron by neuron, by 2099 this will become the norm and most people will be software based and there will no longer be a distinction between human and machine.

Obviously don’t take these predictions too seriously. Though most people I’ve spoken to hate the thought of a future where we’d be able to download ourselves into cpu’s I love the idea, despite the obvious risks (in any society there will always be risks/crimes according to Emile Durkheim) potentially we’ll be able to anything.
This also means that the Matrix narrative mite be true, this mite be the year 2099 (but despite concentrating really hard I haven’t been able to fly yet, which leads me to suspect that this may well be the original reality... I guess you can now see why I tend not to talk about this)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Color schemes generator 2

Hi everyone, so glad we got a blog. but it seems a bit dark here. The tool here may be useful.

Color schemes generator 2

It's handy if you need some colour on your presentation board. It's a webpage, so, no download needed.


Hey hey hey...

Luke has inspired me to create CSMPD05. Only just set up - but as people join, might be interesting to check it out...

Ringtone garments. telephony & wearable

"Industrial designer Christopher Glaister and fashion designer Michelle Shakallis's barcode textiles are decorated by a pattern that translates a piece of music (When the Saints Go Marching In) into a barcode. The pattern can be turned back into real music or a ring tone by scanning it with a modified camera phone. The tune can then be used as the ringtone for that mobile phone.
Been looking for a link to that project for months, found it via a post on
Other projects by Chr. Glaister:
Communicating concrete and Olson, the independent camera." (, 22.01.2006)

saw this and thought of carlos.. well his project and him that is...
hey guys! hope everything is going fine with you and your work!
if you want to have a break here is a very interesing web site with lots and lots of interesting information related to us!

Super strange...

The squares marked A and B are the same shade of gray. (Amazing! :) ...not seen this one before!)

proof here.(or check it in photoshop!)

When the Photoshop clone tool gets too annoying eradicating the gettyimages logo... :)

...two other great sites for image gathering... - can find some high resolution images... and usually good quality. - a nice flash interface, searches and displays yahoo images.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


CSMPD06 Word up guys. If anyone is interested, a few of us will be hitting Bricklane tomorrow morning to do some work, drink coffee and shoot the breeze. So if you fancy a proactive sesh, come along, innit.

Geometric shelter

Math. I seam to have become very bad at math so decided to make a very geometric shelter to challenge my math ability... oh how silly I was... slowly getting there…These are panel sets that make up the roof of my relief shelter. When viewed from above it resembles petals around a flower. The walls of the shelter make a Dodecagon (a regular twelve sided polygon). It is constructed from cardboard, our studio is covered with the off cuts; it will preserve the floor well! Please click images to enlarge.
hola all,

hope you are well,

for the south london crew, with love:


i found incredibly useful to get some connections and some freelance work or just for talking to intersting people. myspace is an internet-community website. you can upload fotos, music, links etc. there is even a csm student bar group there. well its fun - so create an account and post ur url here :) (u find mine in my profile)

have a nice weekend - and don't work too hard :)


Beijing 2008 Olympic medal design competition

A competition to design the medals of the 2008 Olympic Games was launched yesterday by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG).The closing date for design applications will be March 26, 2006, and the winning designs are expected to be unveiled in the middle of this year.

follow link for entry details

Friday, January 20, 2006

welcome to CSMPD06

The idea of this space online is for people to keep in contact with what PD06 graduates are doing after we leave CSM, yep soon we will all be pushed out into the world to show the industry are colourful little crayon drawings looking for work. You can put anything up from your latest nail polish colour to a bolt that you thought others would like on a crane. There is no panel to sensor it. You just have to click on the link that was sent to you by email and then you become a member for this blog. All I ask is that you put you username/displayname as your full name so others will know who you are. Fill in your personal profile with as much detail as you want. Show us your latest development in your project, or your room that you just rearranged.